Entering its third year is, ArtPrize, the magnificent outlet for artists all over the world to exhibit his or her canvases of creativity. 

With each entry comes a story -- some expected, and some that not only tug at your heart strings, but also bring tears to your eyes.  Like the unraveling  journey of 13-year old Alyssia Crook.  Over the weekend, the Hudsonville teen painted a scene using her body to leave impressions of her left foot and leg that will soon be amputated. 

Alyssia is adopted and is suffering from a rare congenital disease that may have resulted in her biological mother's exposure to radiation in the Ukraine.

For the full story and pictures of Alyssia's beautiful artwork, click here!

BTW, the ArtPrize entry deadline is June 16th.  For additional details go to www.artprize.org.