ArtPrize held a party at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum last night to kick-off recruitment of volunteers for this year's event.  At least 1,000 volunteers are needed and there are multiple ways to help.

When you think of an ArtPrize volunteer, you may think of a Wayfinder.  The Wayfinders are the volunteers you see all around town carrying clipboards and wearing some nifty ArtPrize gear.  They answer general questions and have access to maps and more.  There is a big need for Wayfinders, but there are many more ways to volunteer.

Here are a few of the areas in need of volunteers at ArtPrize:

  • ARTcation -  assist educational staff during student tours of ArtPrize
  • HUB Hospitality - work at ArtPrize headquarters in many different capacities
  • Events - help set up and run one the the many special events, usually evenings
  • Artist Lounge - provide hospitality and assist ArtPrize artists
  • The HUB Store - work at the HUB store, retail experience helpful
  • Voter Registration - sign vistors up to vote at ArtPrize
  • Wayfinder - answer general questions of ArtPrize visitors, give directions, more
  • Wayfinding Leadership - manage a shift of Wayfinders

I volunteered at ArtPrize the last two years in a number of different roles.  I enjoyed every shift.  As a volunteer you get to choose the exact shifts you want and you will meet a lot of people.  You'll meet artists, non-artists, students, retirees, and more.  The one thing everyone (except for a few students who only volunteer to get extra credit) has in common is a love of art and a passion for ArtPrize.

If you are a fan of ArtPrize and have even just a few hours to spare, I highly recommend volunteering.

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