This past Friday I, along with thousands of others, took part in an interactive ArtPrize exhibit, unlike anything I've ever seen. "Lights In The Night", a piece put together by Mark Carpenter and Dan Johnson, featured thousands of paper sky lanterns being released from strategic points in downtown Grand Rapids. The result was incredible, so incredible in fact, that with less than 48 hours from the time the event took place until the voting ended, "Lights In The Night" was able to make it into the ArtPrize Top 10

I was able to place myself right in the heart of the action at Ah-Nab-Awen Park to watch the magic unfold over the Grand River. The night was clear, the moon was huge, and thousands of lanterns filled the sky, and created a moment unlike any I have ever seen. Check out the gallery of photos below.

And here's a video view from a little further away. So awesome.