Things that I will never get sick of when it comes to kids: pictures of them being terrified of Santa, videos of them singing random pop songs, and videos of their reactions to lemons.

Seriously, as an adult, we know better than to stick an entire lemon wedge into our mouths, but kids don't have that keen sense about them. Nope, they look at it, see food, and shove it in their mouth. The reaction is almost always comical.

Case in point, the videos below.

This kid hates it, but keeps going back for more! It's like he's mesmerized by the lemony goodness.

Finn here has a pretty violent reaction to the lemon.

Bobby just looks mad at the lemon.

And this little girl finds the lemon to be pretty funny, it seems.

This kid seems to be wondering why his parents are video taping him eating this delicious treat. The lemon doesn't faze him at all!