Henry, a 1-month-old camel, makes his debut at John Ball Zoo this weekend.

Henry is quite the entertainer!  He runs, he jumps, and he takes some big tumbles too! 

The 1-month-old Dromedary (single hump) camel was born in Oklahoma.  He is still nursing from his 9-year-old mother, Angel.  Henry and Angel are joined by two adult female camels, also from Oklahoma, Emily and Tika.  All four will return to Oklahoma this winter.

Henry will appear for the first time on Saturday, April 28, when camel rides open at John Ball Zoo.  The three adult camels will be available for rides, while Henry will live in a pen nearby where everyone can see him.  Cost for a camel ride is $5.  Camels do not give rides in the rain.

Gather the kids and pay Henry a visit!