If you have family down around Northwest Ohio, you probably got a call from them asking for drinking water. Why? Because several towns around Toledo, Ohio; including areas of Southeast Michigan are being warned to NOT drink, or boil, the water.

This is just one of the reasons living near Lake Michigan is a good thing, it's not Lake Erie. The mayor of Toledo blamed the water contamination on algae in Lake Erie. This has nearly 500,000 people scrambling to find drinking water. Store shelves are empty and the National Guard was called in to provide 33,000 gallons of drinking water to the city and surrounding areas.

Michigan towns including Luna Pier, Bedford, Erie Township and a portion of LaSalle Township have also been warned to not drink the water.

Moral of the story: be happy you're not in Toledo right now!

For more on the science behind what's going on, and why this shouldn't have come as a surprise, check out the following video.