Fish told us about how he likes to make up naughty bedtime stories for his wife when she is going to sleep.  These stories are usually just adaptations of familiar stories like 'Little Red Riding Hood' or 'Goldilocks And The Three Bears', but naughty.

We want Fish to write out one of his original naughty bedtime stories each month and we need an illustrator to take his story and turn in into beautiful and graphic illustrations.

If you want to become the official Connie and Fish illustrator, we need you to draw a picture of Fish reading Connie a bedtime story (as you can see, Steve is not the best illustrator.) and submit it to us in the form below.

What will you get out of being the official Connie and Fish illustrator?  Well, you will get to show off your work, we will link to your portfolio/company/website every month in the bedtime story blog, and you will get to draw naughty stories from Fish's brain.  Pretty good deal, if you ask us...

Become the Connie and Fish Official Illustrator

We are looking for an illustrator to illustrate "Fish's Adult Bedtime Stories". Fill out the form below to submit your work.
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