Looks like Paula is full of the crazies in today's Top 5! Sit back and relax, it's time for the top 5 gossip stories out of Hollywood. Kellie's Showbiz Top 5:

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    CBS's 'The Talk' Might Be Dropping Some Talent

    CBS's response to the daytime talk show 'The View' is on some hard times. 'The Talk' might not renew Leah Remini and Holly Robinson's contracts when the second season begins. Sharon Osbourne will also be taking a hiatus from the show. With all of these changes will the show survive?

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    Joe Jonas Celebrates His 22nd Birthday

    Over the weekend, Joe Jonas spent his birthday in Las Vegas at the Haze nightclub. The pop star gave a gift of his own by playing a live set at the club featuring several tracks from his upcoming album.

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    Charlie Sheen Pelted With Garbage

    The self described "warlock", Charlie Sheen, was invited to the Insane Clown Posse's "Gathering of the Juggalos" music festival. While introducing one of the bands, Charlie was greeted with a sea of trash and bottles being thrown at him. He quickly dodged the trash and the crowd and ducked back stage.

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    Jay Z Celebrates His 'Watch the Throne' Album Release

    The mega-rap-star, Jay Z, celebrated the release of his latest album with a $250,000+ party! Jay Z spent $100,000 on a bottle of vintage "Ace of Spades" alone!

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    Become Paula Abdul's Assistant

    Recently a document leaked that had some information about Paula Abdul's personal assistant. Listen to the audio below from a full description of how crazy Paula can be :)

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