Sad news for all of us coupon clippers... Those 20% off coupons you love getting in the mail from Bed Bath & Beyond may be coming to an end soon.

Due to declining sales, the company is testing a loyalty program, Beyond+, in hopes of increasing revenue. FOX 2 Detroit says regular customers, who spend $145 or more a year, will get an invitation-only to join the program. For $29 a year, "loyal" customers who join will receive 20% off every purchase they make and get free shipping.

Bed Bath & Beyond is hoping this will better compete with Amazon Prime, and essentially, not only increase sales, but increase customer loyalty.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the company's shares have fallen 25% over the past year because of the coupons.

What do you think of Bed Bath & Beyond getting rid of coupons and having a loyalty program instead?