Today on the show, Curtis was giving me some guff (yeah, I said guff.  Kinda "Olde Timey" sounding, huh?) for having a hodgepodge of silverware at home.  My wife, Brittainy, and I love our unique silverware and dinnerware and we deliberately omitted those two items from our registry because we like the "hodgepodge" that we already have!

Wait, did someone say "Olde Timey?" ... Yes!  I did!

Anyway, we didn't want matching silverware.  I say that it is such a conformist thing to do.  We're millennials and we like to be unique!

So now that I have that out of the way, everyone should understand why I like our "hodgepodge" so much because...  CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME ONE OF A KIND SPOON WE HAVE IN OUR COLLECTION!

Steve's favorite spoon. It's a one of a kind in their collection.

Oh yeah, pretty slick, huh?  Now it's time to ask you guys a question...  What's your silverware situation like?  Is Curtis crazy for criticizing Steve?  Or should he really just grow up and get matching silverware?