As fall begins to come our way, watching nature transform before our eyes is quite a sight to see--especially in Grand Rapids. Here are a few places to get a phenomenal glimpse of the leaves changing this season.

Frederick Meijer Gardens

We are very fortunate to be in a city with a lovely botanical attraction like Frederick Meijer Gardens. Located at Bradford and the Beltline, the beautiful lush scenery will surely be breathtaking as fall begins to take hold.

Anywhere along the beltline

If you travel the Beltline this fall, the amazing view of the trees will surely be an explosion of color this fall. We are very fortunate to live in an area with such an abundance of healthy and gorgeous trees. If you're bored this fall, just hit the Beltline for a truly awe inspiring sight.

John Ball Zoo

One of the nicest zoos in the country, John Ball Zoo's natural and artificially implanted trees will truly be a delight to witness as the bright oranges and yellows begin to come to life. Plus it's a zoo, so it will surely be fun for the entire family!

Rosa Parks Circle

A beautiful park that often goes overlooked during our busy days downtown, it truly brings the center of Grand Rapids to life, especially in the fall. It is a great place to go and just have a nice setting to relax, maybe write or have a picnic with good friends.

I-96 Just East of Grand Rapids

Michigan, unlike other states--doesn't try to keep the trees away from the highways. On the way into Grand Rapids just east, there are some really breathtaking tree-lines. Next time you head in or out of GR, Be sure to pull over and just take in some of the trees.