Staying at the top of your game requires a lot of hard work ... including some serious gym time!

Channel 957's Beyonce has a major exercise secret that has just been revealed to help you and me stay on the treadmill and avoid going off the beaten path.

Might I preface this juicy tidbit with an inside confession that 'B' loves fried foods and eats a lot of it!  She simply keeps her eye ... and here's her secret weapon ... on a picture of a painting of an Oscar at her gym.  The idea is that she is always running toward the goal of winning one during her career.  Now that's a motivator!  It's also something you and I can easily do to keep our eyes on the prize -- whatever it may be. 

So, outside of setting the goal to win an Oscar ... what picture posted in front of your treadmill would keep you going during a work-out?  Leave your comment below or share this with a friend on Facebook!  See you at the finish line.