Bobby Knight was a great college basketball coach at Indiana, and truth be told, a kind of mediocre player at Ohio State, so when he trolled Wolverine fans at the Trump rally Monday at the Deltaplex, I took it with a grain of salt.

But sports fans have long memories. I certainly do.

Sure, it's a fact that Knight was a member of the Ohio State teams that went 4-0 against Michigan during his collegiate career which ran from 1960-62. But he didn't play much. It was probably pro basketball hall of Famers Jerry Lucas and John Havlicek that had more of a hand in 'beating (Michigan's) ass' as Knight stated yesterday.

Knight likes to talk tough, so I guess under the first amendment, we all have that same privilege.

I wonder if Knight can remember which Big Ten team handed his Hoosiers their biggest loss on their home floor at Assembly Hall while he was at Indiana? Yeah, that would be Michigan. 112-64. February 22, 1998. You must have remembered it, because you said it puzzled you. So put THAT in your ass whipping pipe and smoke it.

May Tom Izzo pass your Big Ten win total soon.