Oh no! Turns out you DO have to have your own subscription to HBO to be able to watch all you favorite shows. Legally, that is.

Most of us would think that it's perfectly fine to share out login information with a friend of family member so that they can also partake in the watching of their favorite programs. Well, unfortunately it's considered illegal activity.

Other websites like Hulu and Netflix are also beginning to see a spike in this illegal activity. How do they monitor, you ask? Well, they're able to see the various IP addresses where people are logging in from. However, most can't prove that the illegal activity is taking place.

This all came to light last week after the Game of Thrones 'Red Wedding' episode aired. When a New York Times writer talked about the 'crafty' way that her and her friends would be watching the episode. The Times got a ton of complaints about the writer taking the service without paying.

Now, if you're willing to take the risk and you're caught you'll probably find yourself slapped with a misdemeanor. If the court really wants to take you down it could be raised to a felony.

Our suggestion, just pay for your Game of Thrones and True Blood.

You can read more about the times story here!