The West Michigan Whitecaps are in the middle of their longest home-stand of the season and the Detroit Tigers are in first place, but it's a wonderful act of generosity by a young baseball fan that has people talking.

The chance to take home a foul ball from a baseball game gets fans excited.  Sometimes too excited.  Pushing and shoving to get a ball is common and almost expected.  Occasionally an adult will give a ball to a nearby child and it makes their day.  But, who has ever seen a young boy give a ball away simply out of the goodness of his heart?

This video is amazing.  A boy gets a foul ball then celebrates.  Next he sees a younger boy crying because he didn't get the ball.  The look on the face of the boy with the ball changes from celebration to concern as he heads toward the younger boy and gives him the ball.  Amazing.  If we could all be so generous the world would be a better place.

Great job by the commentators and Diamondbacks too.