What a night for any woman ... meeting 25 eligible bachelors is a dream come true!

Last night, Ashley Hebert greeted her potential suitors at the house she once lived when she fell in love with former Bachelor, Brad Womack.

(Not to get off track, but it looks like Brad and Emily have split up and are no longer planning a wedding!   Click here to find out what friends of the couple are telling US magazine.)

Only intending on watching the first half of the two hour premiere last night ... I admit getting drawn in once I realized there was a little bit of drama with one of the guys.  His name is Bentley and appears to be the only bachelor who is divorced.  Allegedly, Ashley was warned that Bentley is an imposter who is only on the show to get free advertising for his budding business in Salt Lake City.

Of all the guys Ashley met last night ... temptation got the best of her and she sent home Chris M. who seemed to be such a decent guy -- he was crushed to go home on the first night.  She also sent Jon packing and he too seemed to be a genuine guy looking for love.

Anywho, I'm upset with Ashley -- not because this is my show, but because she was forewarned -- and it appears in the scenes for upcoming episodes that this guy is not a gentleman.

So, are you asking what I'm asking this morning?  Is this a staged part of the show?  I'm confused about her resolve not to whine and find the love of her life.  It seems like she was super fixated on Bentley!  If I have to hear that he is good looking again ... are looks all that matter in a man's character??? We'll find out, 'cause I'm thinkin' it's a big 'no!'

Click here to watch the season premiere!