OK, so maybe MySpace still existing isn't exactly breaking news. But, lately Justin Timberlake has talked about it a lot, and they are planning to lay off almost 500 workers (who knew they employed so many people? I figured it was still just Tom) because it seems no one uses it any more.

I couldn't tell you when the last time was that I logged into the seemingly ancient social networking site. Before Friday night, that is. 

Janna and I were sitting around, brainstorming about things we could discuss with you guys on Saturday morning, and the topic of MySpace came up. We both decided that we should log into our accounts and see what we were up to back then. (Or if we even still remembered our passwords.)

Turns out, 3-years-ago-Wendy was a complete idiot! Not only is my profile picture one of me, at the bar, throwing up what look to be my white-girl attempt at gang signs. But, my profile was riddled with things that I would never say now. Only three years later.

Granted, my profile is also from when I worked at one of our sister stations, so my "persona" was a little bit different, anyway. But, everything about it made me cringe.

First off, let's talk about how I named Spacehog as one of my favorite bands... Spacehog, really?

Then, there's my "About me". It includes such gems as "welcome to my dopeness", and expressed my annoyance with MySpace not having a spell check function.

In general, I think that MySpace was something that most people didn't care about. Not that they didn't care, because obviously, who those top friends slots were a big deal. But, more that people didn't realize back then that if you put something on the Internet, it's there forever.

I wonder if, in a few years, I'll go back and look at my Facebook page and feel this exact same way?