Breton village Mall in Grand Rapids is going through a “process” of “de-malling”.  Yes, it sounds kind of like what Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin did when they, "de-coupled” but this is a more pleasant process and signals a new chapter for the mall.

Basically, Breton Village mall, located on the corner of Breton and Burton, is going through a renovation process.

Traditional malls have been going away for the past decade, instead being replaced with more outdoor access to shops and more of a community space.  The Breton Village mall project aims to create the same.  Scott Wierda, co-owner of Breton Village and managing partner f CWD told the Grand Rapids Business Journal the renovation project will make Breton Village Mall

“Fresher, more contemporary and engaging place, where people will gather, shop, dine, stroll and just enjoy the experience”

Construction begins this month and is expected to wrap up late fall or early winter of 2017.  The current Breton Village mall tenants will remain open during the renovation project.

SOURCE: Grand Rapids Business Journal