Hey there! Producer Amanda here with the latest Britney news. Her new video premiered last night!


Ok, so it's a classic Britney video. Lot's of choreography, sparkly outfits, and don't forget about those tousled blonde locks not to mention the normal Brit-Brit 'tude that we're used to seeing.

However, for me anyway, there's some kind of disconnect. I've been playing this song on repeat now for about a week and I still don't really understand the lyrics. Well, I mean I guess I would understand them if I could actually hear them. It's almost like the music track drowns her and you can't even make out what she's trying to say.

I'm the biggest Britney fan I know...and I know quite a few. I've seen the girl twice in concert and have spent countless time and money on my Britney iTunes library so she's not going away from my life anytime soon.

However, I must say...this just isn't my favorite. Sorry Brit.