Happy belated Thanksgiving! Did you stuff yourself yesterday? I think I can speak for everyone when I say, yup I did. Two plates of Uncle Larry's fine turkey, two plates of Grandpa's Oyster Stuffing (it's an acquired taste) and at least one slice of every pie from the makeshift dessert buffet. Check out my mom's pumpkin pie.

Credit: instagram.com/whatsajosh

This is not a good start to a healthy holiday season, so allow me to help you stay in shape with my top 5 most awkward workouts!


#5 The Face Trainer

How does your face look? Need to tone it? Try "The Face Trainer!"


#4 Wearable Weights

Since not all of us can do what this 73 year old grandmother can do...

...what about wearable weights?

Credit: SportsScience.co

This can get awkward if you weigh yourself down and take the stairs everyday. "Hey, why is Jenny struggling to lift her leg?"


#3 Prancercise

This awesome lady takes the product featured in #4 and puts her own spin on it.

If you see a guy wearing huge ankle weights, an awkward face-mask, and doing this amazing dance near Woodland Mall on 28th, you've found me!

Watch Steve Harvey get a lesson..


#2 The Neck Slimmer

What if I told you I would pay to see someone do this in the office? Funny story, the same guy that let me use the product I'm featuring in the #1 spot next, also let me borrow his "Neck Slimmer." Does it work? Probably. Do you want to use it in public? Ehhh, your call!


#1 The Shake Weight

Seriously, I've heard this thing works. One of my friends had one and I tried it once (yup, same guy with "The Neck Slimmer"). You can really feel the burn but I wouldn't use this in the gym.

In fact, my friend Stepheni snapped this photo when I was giving it a try a few years ago. As funny as it looks, my arms were sore for a couple of days.

Credit: facebook.com/livewithjosh

Here's to a healthy holiday season! Thanks for reading!