I have a Pet named Marley, a terrific dog I love with all my heart. God forbid anything should happen to her, but if it did, I would do what ever it took to help her. But if I couldn't fix everything, places like 'For Paws Hospice' could help remedy, like it did down in Florida.

A man named Tom saw a basset hound, he would later call Buster, for the first time and you can bet it was love at first sight. Buster was a dog with a bad back, but that did not matter to Tom, as he had to have him anyways. Tom came up with a devise made out of a sling that he used, along with a leash, to help support the weight of Buster's hind quarters. The sling works well, but Buster lacks the independence to get around without Tom's help, so it is still tough.

That's where For Paws Hospice comes in. The hospice provides long-term loans of pet wheelchairs to owners with pets who need them. Harlan Weikle, a co-founder of the hospice, says to Myfoxtampbay.com that "When the pet and pet owners no longer need them, we put it back on our list and we find another match for it. And it just keeps going on."

These wheelchairs are especially important for many animals because "it helps build muscle and supports the joints. Buster is now in line to get his set of wheels, he was recently fitted for a wheelchair, which allowed him to walk on his own towards Tom as he called him from across the room... FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!