We give away all sorts of cool stuff here on Channel 957, but we draw the line at giving away people. Specifically babies.

I mean, where would be even keep a baby? My office shouldn't be inhabited by anyone, let alone a child, and the prize closet is kind of full. No room for a pack and play.

But, as it turns out, some radio stations actually do give away human babies. Hot 89.9 in Ottawa, Canada is having a "Win a Baby" contest.

The contest was announced over the weekend, and while some listeners think it's a great idea, some are completely outraged. OK, so they're not giving you an actual baby per se ... it's not like they have a baby with a bow on its head sitting in the prize closet next to the cooler on wheels and pallets of hot sauce.

What they are giving away is three fertility sessions at a local clinic -- a prize value worth over $35,000. In order to win, contestants have to write a letter saying why they want fertility treatments, then they have to undergo a physical and mandatory meeting with a fertility specialist.

I think it's a great idea. IVF is super expensive, and if this radio contest can help a couple start the family they've always wanted, then more power to them!

Of course, some people are saying that there's a morality issue involved. That explaining to your kid one day that they were conceived through fertility treatments that were won in a radio contest might give them some sort of complex. Honestly, though, I'd rather have heard that from my parents than hearing about the night they had a few too many long islands during their bowling league and nine months later, I was born! (I think I just threw up a little.)

The station claims that they're trying to help someone who couldn't do this otherwise. Which they are. Like I said before, IVF is expensive! And people these days just don't have that kind of money. Who are we to say that these people, who want children, shouldn't be able to win that chance in a radio contest?

Let's just hope that part of the contest isn't that they have to name the baby "Hot 89.9".