So while driving around town the other day by the DeltaPlex Arena, I spotted this... A man riding a mini bike with a radio and a cooler strapped on using a dolly as a trailer carrying two 2x4's while smoking a cigarette. WOW! You couldn't pay money to see something like this anywhere else. Since this guy is probably a father, and his kids are probably embarrassed, let's give away a prize that will be cool for Father's Day for the best caption.

If you came up with the best caption below, you would win a Limited Edition Detroit Tigers Baseball complete with display case and Certificate of Authenticity. Only 5,000 of these baseballs exist, so if you want one this is your shot. The winner of the Caption Contest is...

Anna Randall

Her caption was... "Everything you need in life...Two 2x4s, a radio, a cooler, and your cigarettes!  Life is good!"

Here is a pictures of the baseball: