Let me be straight up and say I'm not a cat person.  At all.

I (mostly) don't find them cute. Their attitude sucks; you give them food and shelter and in return, they generally want nothing to do with you.  And they stink.

That last one is based on an experience we had about 10 years ago.  A house we moved into was formerly occupied by people with cats.  Cats who peed and pooped all over.  We brought in the heavy-duty carpet cleaning people.  The house still reeked of cat.  We ripped up the carpet, which was saturated with pee.  We chemically scrubbed the concrete underneath.  The house still reeked of cat.  Even with new carpet and drywall, the house still smelled on occasion.

I won't even get into the story about our neighbor's cats and their flea infestation that eventually affected our dog.

There. I kind of feel better after my rant.

However, this video is CUTE.  Even though it's a cat.  This little furry guy helps a little human guy fall asleep.  I still don't like cats, but this one is impossible to not enjoy.