Meet Kahn – Christine’s Pet of the Week!
Sammi stopped by from the Humane Society of West Michigan today and brought along Kahn with her, a 2-year-old Boxer/American Staffy mix. When Sammi described Kahn she pretty much described the perfect dog.
She said that Kahn loves people and has a great personality and he also does great with childre…
Meet Lucy Lu – Christine’s Pet of the Week!
Lucy Lu is a precious 1-year-old pointer/terrier mix who came to the Humane Society of West Michigan through a shelter transfer from Tennessee. She does well with people and with other dogs and has a very sweet personality. Lucy Lu would make the perfect family dog and get ready because she loves to…
Intern Bethany’s Top 5 Mannequin Challenge Videos
The Mannequin challenge has been taking over social media for the past few days.  Many people have been attempting the challenge, even Connie and Curtis.  I found the best videos in my opinion.  Here are my top five favorite videos:
The Rugby Challenge
Cute Dog
Connie & Curtis
The Cavaliers
SNL Cast
Meet Pepper – Christine’s Pet of the Week!
Pepper is a cute 8-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix with a great personality and a sweet heart! Pepper would make a great addition to any type of family, but it's recommended that he lives with respectful children, if there are children in the household...
Meet Coral – Christine’s Pet of the Week!
The best way to describe Coral is a love! She is so sweet and was giving hugs to everyone she met.
Coral is a 4-year-old Boxer mix and was transferred to the Humane Society of West Michigan from another shelter, making her history a mystery...

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