Your Birthday Could Win You $10,000 Weekday Afternoons Through June
$1,000 is cool, but $10,000 is even better!  That’s why we’re excited to announce our next contest!
Listen weekdays through June for your chance to win $10,000 with the $10,000 Birthday Game!
Every weekday afternoon around 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm, Rob will announce a month; if you were born in that month…
Is Rob Smarter Than A Few High Schoolers?
Wednesday we had visitors from University Prep Academy in Grand Rapids, stop by the station and take a look at what we do daily.
During the 2 hour visit, students stopped by our production department, while Jake showed them how we produce the commercials...
Hudsonville Ice Cream Wants Your Help Coming Up with a New Flavor!
If you're an ice cream lover and you're from Michigan than chances are you've had Hudsonville Ice Cream. They're known for having flavors that are Michigan-inspired and now they need YOUR help creating a new one.
On the company's Facebook page it says that they are running a contest until May 26th ca…

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