Meijer 12 Days of Christmas is Back!
We have the 12 fantastic toys/sets and you can win them by being caller 20 weekdays at 3:30 (616-770-8957) with Josh. When you call the show just tell Josh what color gift you want him to grab from under the tree and you will win whatever is inside!
Send Us a MSTY of Your Christmas Tree
MSTY is super easy to use! Even Mrs. Claus can figure it out (she's notoriously bad with technology). All you have to do is download the app and show us what you’re thankful for this year. The best MSTY Christmas tree message that we get will win a $50 Restaurant Partners gift card!
Send Us a MSTY of What You’re Thankful For
Thanksgiving is when you look back and think about what you’re thankful for with friends and family, and now, you can do that with pictures and music with this really cool app called MSTY or My Song To You. MSTY even has new music in the "Thanksgiving" tab!
MSTY is super easy to use! Even y…
Your Rabbit Could Be Trix’s Newest Mascot [Video]
The colorful cereal we've loved for years is getting a makeover.
General Mills announced that they are removing artificial flavors and colors from their cereals by 2017. To celebrate the "realness" the company is doing a nationwide search for a REAL bunny to be the new face of …
Make Your Kids Cry This Halloween Contest [Videos]
It's Halloween which means it's time to fulfill the "trick" portion of trick-or-treating.
Every year, for Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel, has people send him videos of them telling their kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy. He plays the videos on his show and it …
Send Us a Halloween MSTY and Win!
We’re having a Halloween contest on MSTY (an awesome new music messaging app) and if you can combine the awesomeness of your costume with just the right song to catch our eye — you could win a $50 Restaurant Partners gift card!
Winning could seriously be just a MSTY away!
Lucky Charms Releases Marshmallow-Only Box! [Video]
No doubt about it, one of the best cereals to eat, as a kid (and as an adult) is Lucky Charms because they're magically delicious! But to be honest, most of us ate Lucky Charms for the marshmallows. How many times did your mom yell at you (or now you yell at your kids) for picking out…
Listen to Win Cesar Millan Tickets! [Video]
Every Wednesday, a cute furry friend comes into the station from the Humane Society of West Michigan and we talk about them on air to see if we can find a new home for these great cats & dogs.
Speaking of dogs, a certain television star is coming into town!

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