Meijer Brand Frozen Veggies Recalled Due to Listeria
It's time to check those freezers again because Meijer has recalled their frozen veggies due to a possible contamination of listeria.
The Detroit Free Press says the recall affects 10 ounce sizes of "organic petite green peas" (use by date November 26, 2017) and &…
You Only Need to Shower Twice a Week [Poll]
How often do you shower? Do you feel like you need to shower everyday or else you won't feel clean? If so, you may want to re-think that.
A poll done by Time Magazine found that the majority of Americans don't shower everyday. Most Americans, 53%, shower five times a week, 25% shower 3-4x/w…
Foods That Are Okay to Eat Before Bed
When you feel those late-night cravings do you cave in or do you try your best to avoid the kitchen?
As long you're eating moderately you don't have to let those hunger pangs continue.
It's common knowledge that eating before bed isn't good for our health but according to Simp…

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