Super Bowl Foods that are Dangerous to Your Pets
Super Bowl parties are a great time to get together with other people to celebrate, have fun, and of course eat lots of good food. But what could be good to you is not for your pets.
PetMD put together a list of 5 foods that you would find at your Super Bowl party that can be dangerous to your cats a…
Super Bowl Parties are Getting People Sick
Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday and if you have plans on going to a party, be prepared because you could end up leaving sick.
Gizmodo reports on a study, done over 35 years, from Tulane University, which found that if a city's team was playing in the game, more people are likely to die from the flu…
CDC Announces End of Chipotle’s E. coli Outbreak [Video]
Let's be honest, even the threat of E.coli couldn't scare Chipotle's biggest fan (me) away. The CDC announced earlier today that Chipotle's E.coli scare is officially over, so now Chipotle's biggest fan (again, me) won't have to eat there alone anymore.
New Aerie Ad Campaign Features “Normal” Sized Model [Video]
Aerie has won the hearts of many women after announcing that it would not retouch its models a few years ago, and now Aerie continues to assert its portrayal of "real" women with a new ad campaign. The teaser video shows 19-year-old Barbie Ferreira, a size 12 model and representati…
Doctors in Flint Offered Another Way to Test Kids for Lead
The Michigan State and Genesee County Health Departments are asking pediatricians to test all children up to age 6 who consumed Flint city water after April 2014. In collaboration with the county health department, Magellan Diagnostics has announced it is loaning its LeadCare II systems to prac…

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