The 18 Weirdest ‘Rugrats’ Episodes
Rugrats was one of the most iconic animated shows of the ’90s. The second ever Nicktoon, the cartoon debuted on Nickelodeon 25 years ago this week. Yup, the Rugrats are officially a quarter of a century old.
7 Things To Do In West Michigan Before Summer Ends
Summer's almost over... before long school will be back in session, football will be on TV and we'll be watching the weather for snow.  So, before all that happens and we start spending more time inside, here's 7 things you need to do before the end of summer...
15 Words That Have Different Meanings in Michigan
Words are a universal thing that have universal definitions, but sometimes depending on where you are in the world those words can have completely different meanings.
Michigan is a unique place with many things that make us stick out from the rest of the country, including certain words...
5 Things People Do to Get Through Mondays
Monday. The least favorite day of the week because it's back to reality and time to get back into the swing of things. We've all suffered from "a case of the Mondays," but the question is how do you get through it so it isn't so dreadful...
We’re #1!! Michigan Named ‘Best State in America’
Tell us something we didn't already know.
The website Thrillist ranked all 50 states from worst to best and they named Michigan as "The Best State in America!" Woohoo!
They ranked the states based on everything. Everything meaning food/drink, inventions, unique be…

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