The Best & Worst Pizza Toppings
What's your favorite thing to put on a pizza?
The website Thrillist ranked 26 pizza toppings, in order and the number 1 choice was... Basil. Kind of random but their reasoning is pretty spot on.
...a simple aromatic herb that brings out the natural sweetness of the tomatoes, doesn't hog the spotlight …
10 Small Things In Life That Make Us Happy
Sunday, March 20th was International Day of Happiness and sometimes you don't stop to think about the trivial things in life that make you happy and bring a smile to your face.
They could be so simple yet bring so much joy.
These are the 10 small things in life that bring us happiness:
Young People Would Rather Have Internet than Daylight
This generation really is something else.
According to the Huffington Post, A British survey of young people between the ages of 18 and 25, asked them to name five things that were important for their quality of life.
Freedom of speech was number one on the list (81%)...
Tips to Help You Adjust to Daylight Savings Time
Get ready to spring forward! Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday, March 13 at 2 a.m., which means we'll get an extra hour of sunshine, yay! But we lose an hour of sleep, awww :(
With the time change, DST can throw you and your day off...
15 Things All Grand Rapidians Should Do at Least Once
There's no doubt about it, Grand Rapids is an awesome city. We've got lots of attractions and fun things always going on, we're a family friendly city and appeal to the younger crowd as well. Grand Rapids has A LOT to offer so no wonder why we make so many "best of" …
Four Things with a Deep Discount in March
Who doesn't love a good sale? Especially on items that usually would cost you a lot of money.
Surprisingly, the month of March has some pretty good discounts that you should take advantage of. And with it being tax season, now could be the perfect time to spend some of that extra money on o…
5 Things Most People Wish They Would’ve Done
We all have regrets; things we wish we wouldn't have done in life. But what's worse are the things we always wanted to do but never got around to doing.
PR Newswire published an article regarding a study done by about the most common life goals people have, but haven't acco…
Most Dangerous Things You Can Do While Driving
Driving is something that deserves our undivided attention, we can't afford to be distracted while driving. Unfortunately, that isn't the case, especially in today's world where we have distractions all around us.
The New York Times says that
Distractions were also a factor in nearly 70…
Things to do Before Bed Instead of Checking Your Phone
Remember a time when our cell phones weren't so distracting? It did the basics: make phone calls, text messages, and it had a simple game or two. Now we can do anything and everything with our phones. Text, check Facebook, check our e-mails, play a multitude of games, pay bills, etc...
Random Acts of Kindness Week: Top 10 Meaningful Acts
Be extra kind! This week (2/14-2/20) is Random Acts of Kindness Week which means doing something nice for someone, randomly... when someone least expects it.
Skout Blog surveyed more than 2,700 people on this topic and found that 65% of people perform random acts of kindness everyday while 83% o…
10 Gifts Men Actually Want for Valentine’s Day
Have you gotten your man a Valentine's Day gift yet? Or maybe you want to hint something at your girlfriend or wife.
Reddit had a discussion as to what gifts men actually want for Valentine's Day so take note ladies because these are the top 10...

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