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Explosion Causes Fire At Rockford Landmark Corner Bar
Around 5am this morning an explosion at the Corner Bar in downtown Rockford set the building ablaze.  The explosion was caused by a gas main underneath the restaurant and it has appeared to have done serious damage to the building.
Rockford Fire Chief Dave Jones told WOOD-TV 8 News that the crews fig…
Police Need Your Help Finding Thieves In Newaygo County Robbery
WZZM13 reports that Oceana County Sheriff's Department and the Newaygo County Sheriffs Office are working together and asking for the public’s help in finding thieves who broke into a barn last Sunday (Aug. 6th).
The thieves broke into the barn and stole a shot gun, two ATVs, a weed c…
What Do You Think Michigan’s Favorite Emoji is?
I'll give you a hint: we don't use this emoji for its actual meaning.
Figure it out yet? Here's another hint just in case: you can find it in the produce section at the grocery store.
By now you should have at least narrowed it down to two answers and if you have a dirty mind you'v…
West Michigan’s Rooftop Bars
Before the sun turns to gloom and the warmth turns to cold - make the most out of what's left of summer. And while there is plenty to do and take advantage of in West Michigan, something we don't have much of is rooftop bars.
Yea, patio dining is cool but hanging out and drinking on the roo…

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