Danny Trejo and Jesse Metcalf Filming Movie In Grand Rapids
Last weekend, Danny Trejo posted on Facebook that he was in Grand Rapids shooting the movie  “In Stranger Company”.  When he posted on social media, we still weren't quite sure what the movie was about; well now we know a bit more..
“In Stranger Company” is…
A Sequel To The Notebook!?
What if one of your favorite love stories in Hollywood cinema became a sequel?  Your dreams may be coming true!  A sequel to The Notebook could be in the works.  There's a rumor that The Notebook Sequel will be filming with the two main characters that we fell in love with...
Danny Trejo’s In Grand Rapids Filming A Movie!
WHOA!  When did we become lil Hollywood!?!?
So a couple of weeks ago, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard were vacationing here… now we have word that Danny Trejo is in town filming a new movie.
You probably know Danny from “”From Dusk till Dawn”, “Desperado”, &ldquo…

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