Who Is The Most Famous Actor From Michigan? [Video]
Some pretty big names have emerged from the Mitten State over the years, from Tom Selleck, to the late great Robin Williams, to Taylor Lautner of 'Twilight' fame.
But who is the most famous actor according to the web site PrettyFamous? You'll recognize his face, but the name may e…
15 Things All Grand Rapidians Should Do at Least Once
There's no doubt about it, Grand Rapids is an awesome city. We've got lots of attractions and fun things always going on, we're a family friendly city and appeal to the younger crowd as well. Grand Rapids has A LOT to offer so no wonder why we make so many "best of" …
‘Blades of Glory’ Lives On In Kalamazoo [Video]
The movie 'Blades of Glory' was supposed to be a satirical send up of the figure skating community, but thanks to two guys at the National Championships in Kalamazoo last weekend, the fabled 'Fire and Ice' routine from the film lives on in.
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (Movie Edition) [Video]
The Oscars are tonight (Sunday) where Hollywood's biggest actors and actresses are recognized and given accolades for their hard work and talent.
However, not everyone agrees with the Academies which is why Jimmy Kimmel had to gather up the celebrities to read the mean things peop…
Josh’s Tips for Handling Valentine’s Day Solo
There are two types of singles. Those who dislike being single on Valentine’s Day, and those who really don’t care. No matter which type you are, I have some ideas on how to get through the day/ weekend.
‘Nicktoons’ Movie Will Feature Your Favorite Nickelodeon Cartoons
In what will surely become one of the most effective campaigns to make money ever, Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon have announced the director for an upcoming film featuring characters from Nick's most popular, old (read: mostly 90's) cartoons. See the Rugrats, CatDog, Rocko, Hey Arnold…

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