Mother of Sandy Hook Victim Writes Powerful Letter to Teachers
The mother of one of the 26 victims of 2012's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has written a powerful letter to the teachers of America.
Nebla Marquez-Greene had two children attending Sandy Hook Elementary that day. Her daughter, 6-year-old Ana Grace, was killed in the Connecticut massacre, an…
How Much Do You Pay The Babysitter?
Yesterday, on the afternoon show, we heard from a woman who was livid because her daughter was only paid $20 for babysitting her friend's 4-year-old for 5 hours Saturday night. Did the babysitter get ripped off?
Dad’s Hair Tricks
Let's face it, dads aren't known for being great at doing their daughters' hair. It usually ends up as a sloppy mess that mom has to fix later. But this adorable dad/daughter combo has come up with the perfect morning routine to do her hair...

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