Drinking Alcohol While Breastfeeding: Crossing The Line?
I have to think one of the more annoying things about being a mother would be when someone else gives you unsolicited advice.
“You really should do this." “You’re not doing this or that right." "Blah, blah, blah."
I don’t know how I feel abou…
Watch The Work-At-Home-Mom’s Version Of The ‘I Quit’ Video
We all saw that video of a woman quitting her job in stylish fashion floating around the internet earlier this week. And, most of us applauded her for standing up for herself, quitting, and doing it in such an amazing way. Now, a work-at-home-mom has taken a stab at a parody of the viral video. And,…
I Forgot What Sleep Is All About
I have to admit, I love being a father and it has turned out to be quite an exciting time. Kids are a great joy, it cool to watch them grow. Even after the 17 months that she has been here, I have seen many great things, so I can imagine what the next few years have in store...

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