Mom Convinces Son He Bought A $50,000 Car On eBay [Video]
We all make mistakes. Sometimes, we like to try and cover up those mistakes. Sometimes we think we made a mistake and try (and fail) to cover that up. Which is what happened to the little boy in this video. His mom decided to have a little bit of fun with his (almost) purchase of a $50,000 car on eB…
Why Parenting Children Is Impossible [Video]
Children are complex little beings. I don't have any, and after watching this video, I'm not completely sure that I want them. Parenting is impossible. Kids are hard to reason with, they don't cook very well, and, well, they do a lot of other hilarious things. See what I mean after th…
Couple Names Their Newborn Baby ‘Hashtag’
It's official. I hate people and everyone should have to pass some sort of test in order to be able to become a parent. I mean, I was already kind of leaning towards this a long time ago, but now it's been solidified. An unknown woman has named her newborn "Hashtag Jameson&quo…
Parenthood Means Doing What It Takes To Find Sales
Let's face it, as a new or expectant parent, you are dealt a lot of unexpected costs. You may have to spend more money then you think on the countless number of diapers you will speed through, to the many cans of baby formula your child will guzzle in a span of a week.

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