6 Things on Sale During Father’s Day
Father's Day is right around the corner which means you have to start thinking about what you want to get your Dad, husband, or special father in your life. compiled a list of six different things that will have the best sales and deals this Father's Day...
Kid Destroys a $15K Lego Statue [Picture]
It's inevitable. When you have kids they're bound to destroy or ruin something and that's exactly what this 4-year-old boy, in China, did. So bad its gone viral.
According to WGN-TV a $15,000 Lego statue of the fox, from the Disney movie Zootopia, was standing tall at a Chine…
I Almost Got Shot Trying to Sneak Into My Parents’ House
Have you ever got caught sneaking in or out of the house when you were a kid? Or maybe you caught one of your kids doing that? This past weekend, my parents caught me and I almost got killed because of it.
It was Saturday night and I wasn't doing much and didn't really have plans for the lo…
What Did You Learn About Your Parents Later in Life?
When you think about your parents you don't see them as ever doing anything wrong. They're parents, they're boring. Not necessarily. They can have secrets, too. They, too, have a past.
I came across this article on Newser about how these two boys found out their parents were Russian sp…
A Driver Buckled His Beer… Instead of His Children
Click it or ticket. That's the rule when driving. This guy from Australia must of misunderstood that though.
According to Fox News Insider, a 27-year-old man was arrested for buckling his beer instead of his children!
During a traffic patrol on a highway, officers discovered that 10 people were packed…
People Who Ruined Easter This Year
It seems as if some people forgot the true meaning of Easter this year. Specifically, Easter bunnies and parents... they've gone mad!
A week ago, video was taken showing an Easter bunny, at a New Jersey mall, fighting with a parent. They were having a full out brawl...

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