Michael Buble Expecting Baby #2
A big congratulations to Michael Buble and his wife! They are expecting their second child and made the announcement in an adorable way.
On Monday, Buble posted a video to his Instagram page which shows his 1 1/2-year-old son, Noah, pointing to his mother's belly and says "baby"…
Crossbow Tooth Extraction
Do you remember when you lost your teeth as a kid? Did they just fall out the old-fashioned, boring way or did you attempt the classic door handle trick? Something I would never do by the way LOL. But I did lose a tooth eating a dorito. However you lost your tooth though, I bet it wasn't as cool as …
Dads Give Kids Lie Detector Tests [Video]
In honor of Father's Day this past weekend we found this awesome video of dads giving their children a pretty intense lie detector test.
This brilliant idea was thought up by the people behind the popular YouTube channel Distractify, who did a similar video for Mother's Day...
Preschool In Nursing Home
It's no secret that nursing homes aren't the most pleasant places to be, so a retirement community decided to make a change.
A retirement community in Seattle Washington decided to combine a nursing home with a preschool, that way it is a win win for all involved...
Harry Styles Has an Adorable Lookalike
2-year-old Michael Rangamiz cold be a dead ringer for Harry Styles. When his mother realized how much they look a like she decided to share the adorableness with the world with no better way than Instagram.
Check out some of our favorite photos below:

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