Haunted GR: The Wealthy Street Ghost [Photos]
This is a relatively new phenomenon in the oeuvre of Grand Rapids ghosts. It first appears online in 2015 and revolves around a little boy who likes nail polish.
So I decided to investigate the story of the Wealthy Street Ghost.
Meet Rocky – Christine’s Pet of the Week!
Rocky the dog came into the Humane Society of West Michigan as a stray, about a month ago, and since no one has claimed him he is ready to find his forever home!
Rocky is a 2-year-old Dachshund-Mix and has the cutest face and shortest body...
Take a Look at What’s Inside the B.O.B. for ArtPrize 8
In the past, a lot of the best that ArtPrize had to offer was located in the parking lot of the B.O.B, but now that they have started building their new venue where the lot used to be, the great art pieces have moved inside and can be found on all floors of the Big Old Building.

Meet Bailey – Christine’s Pet of the Week!
It doesn't matter who you are or what type of family you're a part of, Bailey will fit right in! He is the perfect dog for any type of home and you NEED to adopt him before someone else does! He is the type of dog that will adjust quickly to his new home...

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