Tax Date? Who Knows It?
WE HAVE TO FILE TAXES, UGH! Normally, we always have to have those post dated by the traditional income tax deadline, April 15th, but to bad that did not fall on a Sunday this year like it did last... so we're all getting until the normal day of April 15th to put off filing our i…
President Obama Announces Gun Control Proposals
With all the gun violence that has overwhelmed this country in that past few months, President Obama has signed a 23-part executive order that is designed to negate some of the violent acts with guns. These orders are in addition to all the laws that Mr. Obama wants Congress to pass soon.
Should Election Day Be A National Holiday? [Poll]
In the majority of countries around the world, voting takes place on a weekend or election day is a national holiday.  This allows for the most people to reach the polls without their jobs interfering.  Some countries even have polls open for several days or weeks to make sure that everyone who wish…

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