Michigan Woman Stabs Her Boyfriend for Not Wanting to Be Committed
I get that it can be frustrating when you have high hopes for a relationship and the other person isn't ready to commit but trying to kill your boyfriend isn't going to change his mind any time soon.
A woman from Roseville is now facing life in prison for stabbing her boyfriend nine times w…
Which Strange Bachelor Profession Are You? [Quiz]
Here on Connie and Curtis, we love taking quizzes, especially when it pertains to The Bachelor.  Each season, we see many different types of careers.  Apparently, being a twin is also known as a profession.
Here are our results:
Connie: A Free Spirit: Because the flower crown business i…
Today Is ‘National Coming Out Day’ and I Support YOU!
Today is National Coming Out Day… and while there are days for everything, this one is super close to my heart.  It’s the day when we celebrate as a member of the LGBTQ community, being true to ourselves; which is a super hard process for most members of the LGBTQ community...
Man Finds Love By Texting Number Written on Bathroom Stall
You know when you go to a public bathroom and how some have things written all over the stalls, and sometimes you'll see "for a good time call (number)?" Have you ever actually been tempted to call that number?
This guy must've been really desperate because he did jus…
Michigan Man Cuts Marriage Proposal in Wheat Field
This is what you would call a northern Michigan marriage proposal.
WOOD TV reports Devin Huber from Au Gres decided to propose to his girlfriend of three years, but he took a non-traditional route.
Huber used his family's farm to cut "MARRY ME" into the …
Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together
If you want to solidify your relationship even more with your significant other and make it stronger just throw back some shots and drink the night away!
A study, conducted by the University of Michigan, of almost 3,000 married U.S. couples 50 and older

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