Most People Don’t Cut Off Contact With Their Ex’s
Breaking up is hard to do. There's no doubt about that. But one of the hardest part about breaking up is going your separate ways.
According to Yahoo, over 60% of people think cutting off contact with an ex is the best way to speed up the healing process, however, the majority of us aren&ap…
Ways to Avoid Getting Sick from Your Significant Other
It's that time of year where lots of us are getting sick so we have to do what's necessary not to get those around us sick.
USA Today surveyed Americans on the lengths they'd go to avoid getting sick and how they prevent their significant others from getting them sick...
Online Dating By The Numbers
You've been swiping and winking, but still no date! Check out some research that might help you zero in on the problem.
5 Most Annoying Dating Habits
Dating isn't exactly the same as it used to be and we can thank the Internet for that. A lot of people are meeting their significant others or going on dates with people they met online.
There are some obvious things we know not to do when dating someone but in a world of online dating there are…

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