The Most Depressing Christmas Commercial Ever [Video]
Christmas and the holidays in general is all about family coming together. This is time when advertisers try to get you feeling in holiday spirit and make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
German supermarket chain, EDEKA, wants to remind you to come home for the holidays and they went about…
Epic Fake Proposal
One of the worst things that could happen within a relationship is the C word- CHEATING! Well to the delight of one man, this was the perfect opportunity to give him a reason to stage the most epic break up one could imagine.
New Study Shows Men Eat More When Trying to Impress Women
Everyone knows that guys have various methods for impressing the ladies, but this one takes the cake... almost literally. A recent study from Cornell University has shown that men eat 93% more pizza when dining with a woman they're trying to impress.
Man Proposes to His Girlfriend with His Wisdom Tooth
Diamonds are a girls best friend. But not to this woman.
Usually when someone gets engaged, the first thing we want to know is how does the ring look. But needless to say Carlee Alisan Leifkes​' engagement ring is non-traditional. Very non-traditional...
The Biggest Deal Breakers in Relationships
What is your deal breaker when it comes to dating someone? No sense of humor? Laziness? Too needy?
New research as reported by The Wall Street Journal shows that people put more weight on the deal breakers rather than the deal "makers...

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