Young Woman Takes Engagement Photos with Pizza
"I just want you. Nothing else, just you."
While this might sound like a quote from The Notebook, it's actually a quote from 19-year-old Nicole Larson, who recently posted a parody album to Facebook of her and the love of her life... which just happens to be a Pizza Hut pizza.
You Have to Give This Up to Live to 150
Everyone wants to live a long life and because of that you have to develop healthy habits to be on that path, such as exercising and eating right.
The secret to living to 150 has been revealed and of course it includes the aforementioned but it has one major downside...
There’s Now a Dating App for Bacon Lovers [Video]
It seems as if these days more and more people are meeting one another on dating sites. I know tons of people who have gone on dates or ended up in a relationship with someone they met online. But it can be hard finding the right one who shares all of your life's desires...
Roommate Horror Story
At some point in our lives most of us have had a roommate or roommates. It helps out with rent and utilities and you also have someone you can hang out with. However, living with someone isn't always as good or fun as it seems. Eventually, someone oversteps their boundaries or you get into a fi…
Woman Live Tweets a Breakup on a Plane
I think we can all agree that breakups suck. Whether you're the one who's being dumped or doing the dumping, it's not an ideal situation to be in. It makes you sad, mad and one big ball of emotions. However, if it's going to happen we rather have it be in private, where no one ca…
Woman’s Revenge on Boyfriend for Cheating [Video]
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." A saying that we all know but some take too lightly. That quote should not be underestimated because it's a saying for a reason!
This guy should've taken it into consideration before cheating on his girlfriend...

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