New Roller Coaster Set To Debut At Cedar Point In 2013
I have to admit, I'm not a roller coaster fan, although I ride my share when I hit Cedar Point or Michigan's Adventure... Even though I have not been to either in years!
Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, will be getting a new "winged" coaster in 2013. The GateKeeper will peak…
Wonder Woman Heels
...and I don't mean Wonder Woman heels as in "you're like wonder woman walking in those  heels!"  I mean Wonder Woman heels as in ACTUAL heels with Wonder Woman on them.
Look, I'm a straight guy, but can understand women wanting great shoes.  One mentor…
Things People In Their Twenties Waste Money On
Let's face it, all of us spend more then we have... If we didn't, then there would not be such a thing as credit. But some of us spend our money a little more wisely then others. did a study to find some of those things that people in their twenties waste money on.
WTF Is A Greybie? – More ’50 Shades’ Ridiculousness
Ok, this is going wayyyyyy too far. First, there's the craze over the "50 Shades Of Grey" books in and of themselves. Then, there are the pages upon pages of "50 Shades" inspired items for sale on Etsy. And now? Now, there is a name for babies that have been conceived because of …
Channel 95-7 Listeners React To Judge Sentencing Teen To Haircut
A hot topic the last couple of days has been the story about 13-year-old Kaytlen Lopan cutting off a 3-year-old's hair at a Utah McDonald's. I mean, that is a story in and of itself, what makes this story really polarizing is the sentence handed down by a judge in Kaytlen's case. So I…
Wendy Reviews Books: Now I Feel 50 Shades Of Awkward
The newest book out there that has people buzzing is "50 Shades Of Grey" by E L Thomas, a book that actually started out as "Twilight" fan fiction, but morphed into something even stranger. Many refer to it simply as "mommy porn".
I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting…

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