Steve’s Stories

Steve’s Stories – ArtPrize
ArtPrize is upon us! It's literally the biggest art competition in the world and it's held right here in Grand Rapids. So this week Steve decided to talk a little bit about ArtPrize and what viewing art does for your brain!
Steve’s Stories – Why Clowns Are Terrifying!
It's time for another new episode of Steve's Stories! This week he talks about why clowns are so freaking terrifying! Just in time for the movie "It", he explains it all, starting way back with a very tragic story of the first modern clown and his equally tragic son.
Steve’s Stories – Why There Is A Stigma Against Red Heads?
Steve’s Stories is back with a brand new format, now with more olde timey!  This episode focuses on the reason why there is a stigma against red heads.
Many people have tried to find out if there is any scientific reasons behind the stigma, but surprisingly little has been found out...