Michigan Woman Starts New Trend: Astrofrecks
A tattoo artist in Ypsilanti is tattooing star signs in her clients’ freckles. Jessica Knapik is taking the whole freckle trend to a whole new level by inking constellations on the face, which she calls Astrofrecks.
Michigan Ranks High In Identity Theft [Video]
I had my debit card numbers swiped from me recently and used at a local store, and although I'm pretty sure I know where it happened, it appears I have little recourse.

It figures. Michigan is one of the worst states for identity theft protection.
Get Your Connie And Fish Ringtones Here!
We all know that you love our "Things that make you go awww", "Things that make you go ewww", and "Things that make you go what". So Steve is making them available for download so you can set your ringtone to one of those amazing songs!

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