Uber is Adding a Food Delivery Service
Uber has grown exponentially as a company, especially this past year. That's why it's no surprise that the company has announced a food delivery service to its growing model.
UberEats will help those who are hungry rather than those that need a ride...
The Top 25 Most Used Passwords In 2015
With more and more social media websites and services becoming mainstream, you are inundated with having to remember tons of passwords.  So, when people need to remember a dozen different passwords, you tend to start not caring about security as much and use passwords like "password.&a…
Rude Phone Behavior in Public
We live in a world where we can't live without our phones. Everyone is constantly on their phone, but there is a time and place to text and check our e-mails. Sometimes we just need to put the phone down and have some real human interaction...
Hot Guys Holding BB-8 Is the Best Tumblr Ever
You don't have to be a Star Wars nerd to appreciate these hunks! One Tumblr user decided to photoshop the galaxy's favorite astromech droid in the arms of some of Hollywood's hottest actors.
iPhone 7 Rumor: Waterproof!
It's always a bad feeling when you drop your phone in water. I remember a couple times when I dropped my phone in the toilet and a bag of rice can only do so much.
Metro reports that Apple will be making their new iPhone 7 (set to be released this year) waterproof...

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