‘Alex From Target’ Is Going Viral
This kid is the talk of the town. Alex is a handsome young man who works at Target.
Social media users have turned Alex into a viral sensation. This Sunday, a photo of Alex bagging items turned into hugely popular meme.
The craziest thing is why...
iPhone 6 “Bendgate” Real Issue
Everyone has been in an uproar about the breakability of the new iPhone 6. In fact, some people have even started going into the Apple stores and bending them until they snap. Apple has confirmed the new model has issues with bending under certain circumstances, but intentionally trying to break an …
Is iPhone 6 a Data Vacuum?
Can't wait for the new iPhone 6 to come out? If you're going to be putting this new piece of Apple technology in your pocket, be prepared to dish out more money for your data usage plan. Each generation of iPhone roughly doubles its data consumption, and there is no reason to believe this …

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